Why I Am A Feminist


I was always the outcast kid among boys my age when I was younger because they thought I stood ‘too much’ for girls, or that I had feminine tendancies, or because I always thought whatever I can a girl can do it too. Hence, I grew up not having a male friend–all my friends are females, and I just LOVE it.

I never understood why I was treated in one way in our household and my female cousins were treated differently. Even my dad, he used to say, “You have to study hard in school because you are a man, your cousins are girls a man will take care of them.” Repeating this tastes like acid in my mouth. I regret not asking him why couldn’t my cousins take care of their family too? Growing up in a family that dehuminized girls and put them second to men made me sick to my stomach.

However, thank God I grew up and learned the term feminism, and today I carry that ideolgy with nothing but uttmost pride with me.

I support equality between the sexes because I want my future daughter to never feel like she ows a man an explanation for owning her life, sexuality, independance, and career.

I am a feminist because I grew up with my grandmother who ran her own restaurant and managed her household and brought up her kids with no man around, even though she was married at the age of 15 years old.

I stand with women because there is no difference between me and my bestfriends who want to be lawyers and engineers, and if I, a male, was to follow the same career steps would get paid more just because I have my genital sticking out between my legs.

I want to educate girls, not because of the saying, “when you educate a girl, you educate a household.” First od all she is not there to educate a household. I want EVERY single girl to get an education because they are JUST are worthful as their male peers.

I am a feminist because if I am too young at the age of 13 to marry a woman who is 32 or older then my female friend who is my age is too young to marry a man who could be her father–grandfather in certain cases.

I want to see women take positions of power because when a woman has power EVERYONE is included, and no one’s health decisions are made for them!

I will take a stand with my female friends in solidairty because if I don’t support women’s rights which are human’s rights then I will have to live with the heartache of watching my daughter and bestfriends waste their lives being someone’s wife. And especially if someone’s wife is not a title they carry with pride.

Let’s all take the innitiative to stand with our female friends, or for your daughter, mother, partner, or sister!



With all due respect to such an influencing and innovative organization, I beg to differ with one of its articles in the recent special project by the organization. I understand that we are living in a time that social media has made a significant influence and integration into our daily lives; however, to include Selena Gomez in such a powerful special is contrary to its effects and purposes. I believe such praises convey the wrong message to my generation and the one behind us. I also understand that it is crucial for the organization to attract a younger audience, and in order to do so it has to be inclusive of certain things and subjects that do not necessary belong to their ethics.

When I first saw the tweet about the special edition on twitter my immediate thought was, “In what way has she impacted, or made a, change?” And a lot of other people wondered the same thing in the replies.

Correct me if I am wrong but I have never seen Selena Gomes stand for anything. She has never come out publicly to defend civil rights. I am very aware that she has been/is a UNICEF ambassador since 2009; however, according to unicefusa.org her last recorded project was the Organized Charity Concert in 2014.

Yes, she has a huge platform with such a big following, but the question remains, how is she using that platform to impact change or do good? What is she standing for with such a big influence? There are other celebrities in the same category that have been extremely vocal about justice and show us, their supporters, that they do stand for something and they fight the same fights we do. Selena does not fit that category at all–at least not in my eyes.


Running away seemed like a better option when everything else ceased to function.

Then he called me a hoe

I just had a very long discussion with my friend on this matter. A lot of people who have never been sexually harassed or molested will never understand what goes on in the mind of someone during rape, and after rape. As a rape victim myself, this is rape to me. I do not see any other word, explanation, or justification to it.

The Rose


I won’t go into context of how two people may end up in this situation, it’s not important and plus it varies. I’ll just delve straight into the moment.
Girls, I’m sure a lot if you have been here before.

Guys, I’m sure a lot of you will be triggered.

“Stop!” she sighed while dodging his kisses and moving his hand as he tried to wiggle them into her jeans. They had repeated this play at least five times within the last ten minutes. Maybe her no wasn’t adamant enough? Again, she rehearsed her giggled sigh as she brushed him off and rolled over to the edge of the bed, “Stoppppp it uhhh.”
It was beyond her as to why he couldn’t just keep his hands to himself.

“So man can’t you touch you nah?” he whined, playing on emotional guilt, “I ain’t tryna do nothing. Moving like…

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Taylor Swift: Socially Mute

1989, by Taylor Swift, was one of the first albums I have ever purchased. I was a big fan of Taylor during the entire era of that album. From the release of the debut single to the album itself. I then got the actual record mailed to me from my mother. I also purchased the single remix of Bad Blood featuring Kendrick Lamar by itself. I partially named my cat Red after the album Red and the song. In my iTunes library I have 1989, Fearless, Red, Ronan (single), and Speak Now. Don’t misunderstand me, please in contrary, I am a big fan of her writing. I sometimes wished I would one day be able to work with her. I have the uttmost respect for her art and her hard work. However, her lack of presence in the social crisis sickens me. Because racially speaking I am a minority. As a black muslim fan of Taylor living in the US, a country that is not my home. It saddens me that someone with such a huge platform and ecoing voice only speaks out on issues that concern or affect her, for the most part.

I moved in this country about 4 years ago during the Obama administration. Back then I was not big on politics myself; however, I still made an effort to educate myself and stand for against injustice. I believe as humans it is the least we can do for our fellow humans in misfortunes. Unfortunately, I am not famous nor do I have the platform that Taylor Swift has, not even one bit. Yet I and so many others like me with no celebrity status fight and stand for what is right. Taylor on the other hand only stands and fights for issues that affect her directly.

For example, take on the issue of Apple Music. She wrote a letter to apple, “I write this to explain why I’ll be holding back my album, 1989, from the new streaming service, Apple Music. I feel this deserves an explanation because Apple has been and will continue to be one of my best partners in selling music and creating ways for me to connect with my fans. I respect the company and the truly ingenious minds that have created a legacy based on innovation and pushing the right boundaries […]”

Well Taylor, I am write this post to explain why I am no longer a fan of yours or any of your work. I feel this deserve an explanation as well. You as an American watching your fellow citizens suffer and get killed with no standing or moral reason from people who are supposed to protect them and completely stay mute is painfully unacceptable. I believe you have the ability to understand what to stand for and what not to stand for. It is not in place as an immigrant who also feels insecure being in this country to tell you to stand agaisnt the racism, bigotry, and injustices that are happening.

You need to remember that not making a choice is also a choice, Taylor.

During the 2016 elections is when I started to realize how uninvolved Taylor is in her civic duty. Yes, she posted about encouraging people to vote on election day, but that was about it–I sometimes believe she voted for Trump, I kid you not. Why? Because he was going to give her and people like her a big tax cut. Isn’t that what she stands for? To save and make herself more money in every way she can?

People are divided on whether celebrities should be politicaly voiced or not. Here is the thing about that, celebrities are organs of vast marketing. Like everything on the market they have a brand to maintain when it comes to business; however, before being celebrities I believe they are citizens of their countries, and even before patrtaining to certain politcal geography, we are all humans first and foremost. If they do not use their large platform to educate and teach love to their fans, or make good use of the influence they have on their younger fans then I question what their real purpose is.

Taylor isn’t the only one to be called out. There are other celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, both of Palestinian descendents, yet I or any of my Muslim friends see or hear them stand for the Palestinian people, nor anything related to the Middle East. The only time Gigi wants to bring out her Palestinian roots is when she is wearing henna or covering the Vogue Arabia. In other words, they use their Middle Eastern roots only when it benefits them and again their money.

There are a lot of successful celebrities who stand for what is right and they are just as succesful if not more. Hence, their image, career, or fan base is irrilevant to the matter.

There has been many social injustices in the last, let’s not even go that far, two years. Not once have I seen or heard Taylor stand up for something. I guess once Apple paid her her that was it. If you are an Apple Music subscriber and a fan of Taylor you probably know 1989 is now on Apple Music.

Blake lively, Taylor Swift’s BFF according to the media, reposted a very interesting picture on her Instagram page. The post is from MotherWise, “I want my friends to understand that “staying out of politics” or being “sick of politics” is privilege in action. Your privilege allows you to live a non-political existence. Your wealth, your race, your abilities or your gender allows you to live a life in which you likely will not be a target of bigotry, attacks, deportation, or genocide. You don’t want to get political, you don’t want to fight because your life and safety are not at stake. It is hard and exhausting to bring up issues of oppression (aka “get political”). The fighting is tiring. I get it. Self-care is essential. But if you find politics annoying and you just want everyone to be nice, please know that people are literally fighting for their lives and safety. You might not see it, but that’s what privilege does […]” with the caption, “So POWERFUL. So true. We must stand together. We cannot be silenced. We cannot get tired. We cannot give up. This. Is. History. Where do you want to tell your kids you stood?” Thanks for telling us to stand up, Blake. We were never sitted. You might want to tag Taylor on that one. Which I and another Instagram user did in her comment section.

And please, do not get me wrong, I am in no way saying that she is not a good person at heart. I do not know her personally. Maybe she is involved outside of public sight–although I hardly can imagine her being; I mean, we are talking about someone who thinks money can solve everything. Take a look at Ke$ha’s sexual assault case. She did not support her publicaly when other stars like Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato did. What she did was ‘donate’ money. No Taylor, your money did not help her emotionally–she could have reached out to her privately, which there is no way for us to know that. But a little public supports here and there assures her fans that she does stand for something. The media portrays her as ‘charitable’ or giving. Only if money could solve everything I think she herself would not have broken heart songs to write about.

And I would like to thank every celebrity out there who stands for something and use thier influence to teach their fan that we must all stand agaisnt racism, bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, and any type of injustice that there is.


It’s Okay

It’s okay if tomorrow seems darker than yesterday.

It’s okay when there seem to be no promise that everything will get better.

It’s okay if you seem to be weaker today than you were yesterday.

Do not try to hurt yourself over the things you have no power upon.

For you shall always remember, no pain is permanent but the lesson learned.

And one ought to always remember the sun always shines brighter after a rainy day.

The pain you are enduring today will be nothing but a humble reminder of your past in your future.

Time is your only nemesis.

Though shall not fight it nor rush it, for it is its own master.

Yesterday holds the mistakes, today owns the lessons, tomorrow holds the unknown.

Acknowledge what you have accomplished.

Focus on how many individuals you are preeminent of, not how many you are inferior to.

We cannot always have it our way, for a man only recognizes the value of what he owns if he swiped the sweat of hard labor from his own forehead.

Abound wiser.

Never forget, your failure is your enemy’s success.

Help Protect Wildlife With WWF

animal-1868911_1280Image by Pexels via Pixabay

Climate change is not the only environmental problem we are facing today. For many years the world has been facing a significant decrease in some of its most prominent wildlife as well as facing the extinction of some. Founded in 1961 World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an organization that help preserve the endangered species worldwide. Since its foundation it has saved a significant number of species. WWF is dedicated to helping a large variety of animals such elephants, pandas, whales, and more. April 2016, WWF and the Global Tiger Forum announced that the number of wild tigers had increased for the first time in more than a century with an estimation of 3890 tigers.

The organization offers a lot of ways to get involved and support. You can donate here, or take action, or shop. They also have trips to different destinations (WWF Travel).

"History. (n.d.). Retrieved August 14, 2017, from https://www.worldwildlife.org/about/history"





  • 1 small green cabbage
  • 2 large carrots
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 French baguette
  • Salt & pepper
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar
  • 2 tablespoon mayonnaise
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon olive oil


Place the eggs in a medium saucepan. Cover with cool water by 1 inch. Bring water to a rolling boil over high heat; when the water has reached a boil, set the timer for 7 to 9 minutes for perfect hard boiled eggs.

In a medium bowl shred the cabbage and the carrots. Add in the salt & pepper, vinegar, mayonnaise, and olive oil.

Using a slotted spoon, transfer them to a large bowl with ice cold water and let them cool for couple of minutes. This will help the eggs peel easily. Cut in desired shape and add to the mixture.

Slice the baguette and serve.

Bonne appétit!

Personal Preference

I always get my baguettes from Publix or Panera Bread (I have tried from other places but these two are my favorite, Target is not bad either) and I always toast it to have more crunch!

I Dreamed I Was Peeing And Woke Up With A Wet Bed

bear-2439923_1280Image source

The last time I wet the bed was I believe when I was a 13 year old boy. Yet, the unbelievable happened. I always visit my dear ol’ friend John before I lay my head on my pillow! However, for some time now I have not been visiting him–perhaps it’s an omen. I also used to brush my teeth before bed; now I barely do–yes this one is a bit disturbing. There are lots of things I need to do before going to bed that I simply do not do and it bothers me to a certain extent; but, oh well!

I usually feel it when my bladder is full–even in my sleep–I stood there front of the toilet and grabbed my male genitalia and aimed perfectly for the middle of the toilet and started to push it out. In my own eyes, I saw dear ol’ John right there. Unconscious; I kept on going. Once I was done doing the undoable I think I was still not aware of my shameful yet very pleasant act–yes for some reason it felt really good and really warm around me.

Perhaps I’d say ten minutes later I suddenly wake up with my heart to my stomach and touch around me and feel it. Here is the thing, I did not immediately think of pee. I sweat a lot at night. I remember back in 2015 I’d sweat so much in my sleep that I’d almost drawn in bed–no joke! Then I asked myself, “But why is my sweat so warm?” Brought my index finger closer to my face to let my nose examine it and there was the big “OMG I JUST PEED IN BED” moment. I got up, just like I used to hide it from my grandmother back then by wetting a towel and patting it on the spot; so I did. To end this I’ll just let you know that I am now a 22 year old young man.

Some Days

Some days you belonged with me in my arms all for me.

Some days  I couldn’t have you at all.

Some days I wondered if you feel what I feel

Oh man! How many times have we been here before?

I’ve almost lost track of what state we were in.

Would you stay with me if I stayed with you through thick and thin?

You swore I had the utmost venue in your heart, but what’s an utmost venue worth if you haven’t given me your trust?

Some days you made my world go yellow.

Some days you made it go blue.

Some days you walked in hands filled with roses.

Some days you walked in hands filled with thick air.

Oh baby, some days I wondered if you loved me or just the idea of me.

I remember hearing a wise woman say. “Love is not love without trust.”

Help me figure out how to gain this trust of yours.

Some days I wished you showered me with the truth and made everything crystal clear like the sky we once had over our heads.

Some days I wished you showered me with the lies just to keep alive the happy ending I fancied of us in my mind.

Now I’ve got to keep my head above the water, when the truth is like swallowing sand.