New Blogger In Town


Image by Becca Clark via Pixabay

Hello everyone. I’m a new blogger, I have never done this before, so this will be a whole new world to me. Also before anything I would like to apologize for every grammatical errors that I will be making in my future posts including the ones in this one, too. I’m just another young writer who is trying to make it out there, or wherever the odds of life takes me. I’m currently writing my first novel—while majoring in English and drama— and I’ve named it Untitled for now. I don’t know if I will change the name to something else, but for now that is how I feel.

The reason to why I named it “Untitled” is because it’s a love story, inspired from my own personal love life situations, and I feel like anybody, young or old can relate to it. I will post some few chapters on here before I start looking for a book agent, and if I do find a book agent which I hope I will; then you guys will get to read the rest of the chapters that I won’t be posting on here in the book.

I really hope my posts will inspire a lot of people and motivate them to love again no matter what happens in their lives. I believe love is such a weird and alienated feeling that to this very day no one has come close to fully put it into words. I have loved, and I have lost but that will never be the reason as in to why I will stop loving. You just dust yourself off and you love again because life is full of surprises. Yesterday is history, today is a gift, and tomorrow is a mystery for that reason I think we should live as if we were to die tomorrow. I will save more for the days to come. Hopefully you guys will love this, and let me know what you guys think about it all in the comments. As weird as it may sound I actually like negative comments, they make me want to do even better.

Thank you guys for even taking the time to read this, and here we shall embark in this boat together.

xo xo A!

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