Modern Relationships


Image by Tero via Pixabay

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, not even mentioning the many other social networks. Relationships these days are not like they used to be back in the days; that’s why I think of them as ‘modern days relationships’ everything nowadays is so modernized. What happened to friends going to parks and enjoying a good day outdoors? What happened to lovers going on picnic dates and doing thousands of other productive things other than sitting at home to watch Netflix and “chill”? If they don’t like the selfie, you posted on Instagram they consider ‘not real friends.’ Since when did we let social media define the status of our relationships or the love from our closed ones toward us?

A lot of people are so shallow nowadays to the point where even friendships come with terms and conditions. Since when did friends had to look as beautiful as that model in the Vogue fashion catalog? Since when did friends had to be perfect? I thought the whole point of having friends was getting involved with different types of people and looking at their beauty from the inside, not the outside. And that’s why a lot of people are alone in their houses and humanity is slowly dying. Humans are living, but the sense of humanity in them is dying because they want friends but friends that have to be their ‘type.’ How is your friendship real when you’ve befriended someone for their looks? I haven’t lived long enough, but I know for a fact that friendships are supposed to happen because two people can connect genuinely.

Love is a word used so much in our generation that it has lost its power. A lot of people look for love but only want the sweet and fun part of it without even remembering that love is something that comes with no condition. When you tell someone you love them; you’re practically saying you accept them with their pros and cons, you accept them with their beauty and flaws. These days you see people breaking up over little things that makes no sense at all.

When you are in a relationship with someone you have to accept them as they come when you are looking for love you have to admit the ugly parts just as much as you take the beautiful part of it. You will dump every person you’re going to date, but before you know, you will find yourself alone and wondering what you did wrong, while the truth is you just weren’t strong enough to keep people for long because of that one little misunderstanding.

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