Finding Myself Through Acting

Disclaimer: The grammar in here is not my best.

When I first discovered acting I was about 12-years-old. It completely changed my perception on many things. It was a life changing experience and also a discovery that I will forever be grateful for. Unfortunately, I only went to rehearsals and ensembles, I never made it on stage because the night we were scheduled to do the play something happened, can’t remember what it was.

You know before taking any acting class I thought it was easy, I thought I just get in there read my script or whatever and voila, la vie est belle! Alas I was wrong (LOL). I never knew acting required every inch of your body, as well as your voice and breathing! I’ve never had a problem imitating someone and how they act, and between my friends and I–along with some of my family members–I thought I was good at it. Which I think I am, I mean I’m not bad…. However, for some reason when I’m in class I have all these different kind of stress. For instance, I can’t talk right, my tongue becomes like the heaviest thing in the world. I mean, me… having a heavy tongue–anybody who truly knows me wouldn’t believe that.

But you know something. I walked in that class the first day thinking I was going to learn how to be someone else, or how to act like someone else. The truth is I’m learning more about myself than I ever did in my life. I’d say, if anybody ever wanted to “find themselves” as people often say, I suggest you take acting classes. Just acting 1 not even 2 just one, but hey if you end up enjoying it. Stick to it, it’s never wrong.

I’ll answer the question in your mind, what is it exactly that he discovered about himself? Well, I discovered that I’m more emotionally unstable, and mentally fucked up than I thought I was. And I think I know the reason why. The reason is my family–father side. They are the most judgmental people I’ve ever met. Also it has a lot to do with my relationship with my dad as well. Right now I have a lot to work on. But I trust myself. I’m very aware that my journey to be a professional actor won’t be an easy one but I know and trust I will succeed. How do I know? When I was younger I always loved baking, but for some reason I could never bake and I always failed every recipe I tried to make. However, now I’m very proud of my baking skills. I know I will make it to Hollywood–LOL–just watch.

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