Finding Myself Through Acting

I first discovered acting when I was about 12-years-old. It completely changed my perception of many things. It was a life-changing experience and also a discovery that I am grateful for. Unfortunately, I only went to rehearsals and ensembles, and I never made it on stage because the night we were scheduled to do the play something happened, can’t remember what it was.

You know before taking an acting class I thought it was easy, I thought I get in there read my script or whatever and voila, la vie est belle! Alas, I was wrong (LOL). I never knew acting required every inch of your body, as well as your voice and breathing! I’ve never had a problem imitating someone and how they act, and between my friends and I–along with some of my family members–I thought I was good at it. Which I guess I am, I mean I’m not bad…. However, for some reason when I’m in class, I have all these different kind of stress. For instance, I can’t talk right; my tongue becomes the most massive thing in the world. I mean, me… having a heavy tongue–anybody who truly knows me wouldn’t believe that.

But you know something. I walked in that class the first day thinking I was going to learn how to be someone else, or how to act like someone else. The truth is I’m learning more about myself than I ever did in my life. I’d say, if anybody ever wanted to “find themselves” as people often say, I suggest you take acting classes. Just acting 1 not even 2 only one, but hey if you end up enjoying it. Stick to it; it’s never wrong.

I’ll answer the question in your mind, what is it precisely that he discovered about himself? Well, I found that I’m more emotionally unstable, and mentally fucked up than I thought I was. And I think I know the reason why. The reason is my family–father side. They are the most judgmental people I’ve ever met. Also, it has a lot to do with my relationship with my dad as well. Right now I have a lot to work on. But I trust myself. I’m very aware that my journey to be a professional actor won’t be an easy one, but I know and believe I will succeed. How do I know? When I was younger I always loved baking, but for some reason, I could never bake, and I still failed every recipe I tried to make. However, now I’m very proud of my baking skills. I know I will make it to Hollywood–LOL– watch.

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