I Dreamed I Was Peeing And Woke Up With A Wet Bed

bear-2439923_1280Image source

The last time I wet the bed was I believe when I was a 13 year old boy. Yet, the unbelievable happened. I always visit my dear ol’ friend John before I lay my head on my pillow! However, for some time now I have not been visiting him–perhaps it’s an omen. I also used to brush my teeth before bed; now I barely do–yes this one is a bit disturbing. There are lots of things I need to do before going to bed that I simply do not do and it bothers me to a certain extent; but, oh well!

I usually feel it when my bladder is full–even in my sleep–I stood there front of the toilet and grabbed my male genitalia and aimed perfectly for the middle of the toilet and started to push it out. In my own eyes, I saw dear ol’ John right there. Unconscious; I kept on going. Once I was done doing the undoable I think I was still not aware of my shameful yet very pleasant act–yes for some reason it felt really good and really warm around me.

Perhaps I’d say ten minutes later I suddenly wake up with my heart to my stomach and touch around me and feel it. Here is the thing, I did not immediately think of pee. I sweat a lot at night. I remember back in 2015 I’d sweat so much in my sleep that I’d almost drawn in bed–no joke! Then I asked myself, “But why is my sweat so warm?” Brought my index finger closer to my face to let my nose examine it and there was the big “OMG I JUST PEED IN BED” moment. I got up, just like I used to hide it from my grandmother back then by wetting a towel and patting it on the spot; so I did. To end this I’ll just let you know that I am now a 22 year old young man.

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