It’s Okay

It’s okay if tomorrow seems darker than yesterday.

It’s okay when there seem to be no promise that everything will get better.

It’s okay if you seem to be weaker today than you were yesterday.

Do not try to hurt yourself over the things you have no power upon.

For you shall always remember, no pain is permanent but the lesson learned.

And one ought to always remember the sun always shines brighter after a rainy day.

The pain you are enduring today will be nothing but a humble reminder of your past in your future.

Time is your only nemesis.

Though shall not fight it nor rush it, for it is its own master.

Yesterday holds the mistakes, today owns the lessons, tomorrow holds the unknown.

Acknowledge what you have accomplished.

Focus on how many individuals you are preeminent of, not how many you are inferior to.

We cannot always have it our way, for a man only recognizes the value of what he owns if he swiped the sweat of hard labor from his own forehead.

Abound wiser.

Never forget, your failure is your enemy’s success.

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