With all due respect to such an influencing and innovative organization, I beg to differ with one of its articles in the recent special project by the organization. I understand that we are living in a time that social media has made a significant influence and integration into our daily lives; however, to include Selena Gomez in such a powerful special is contrary to its effects and purposes. I believe such praises convey the wrong message to my generation and the one behind us. I also understand that it is crucial for the organization to attract a younger audience, and in order to do so it has to be inclusive of certain things and subjects that do not necessary belong to their ethics.

When I first saw the tweet about the special edition on twitter my immediate thought was, “In what way has she impacted, or made a, change?” And a lot of other people wondered the same thing in the replies.

Correct me if I am wrong but I have never seen Selena Gomes stand for anything. She has never come out publicly to defend civil rights. I am very aware that she has been/is a UNICEF ambassador since 2009; however, according to unicefusa.org her last recorded project was the Organized Charity Concert in 2014.

Yes, she has a huge platform with such a big following, but the question remains, how is she using that platform to impact change or do good? What is she standing for with such a big influence? There are other celebrities in the same category that have been extremely vocal about justice and show us, their supporters, that they do stand for something and they fight the same fights we do. Selena does not fit that category at all–at least not in my eyes.

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