Why I Am A Feminist


I was always the outcast kid among boys my age when I was younger because they thought I stood ‘too much’ for girls, or that I had feminine tendancies, or because I always thought whatever I can a girl can do it too. Hence, I grew up not having a male friend–all my friends are females, and I just LOVE it.

I never understood why I was treated in one way in our household and my female cousins were treated differently. Even my dad, he used to say, “You have to study hard in school because you are a man, your cousins are girls a man will take care of them.” Repeating this tastes like acid in my mouth. I regret not asking him why couldn’t my cousins take care of their family too? Growing up in a family that dehuminized girls and put them second to men made me sick to my stomach.

However, thank God I grew up and learned the term feminism, and today I carry that ideolgy with nothing but uttmost pride with me.

I support equality between the sexes because I want my future daughter to never feel like she ows a man an explanation for owning her life, sexuality, independance, and career.

I am a feminist because I grew up with my grandmother who ran her own restaurant and managed her household and brought up her kids with no man around, even though she was married at the age of 15 years old.

I stand with women because there is no difference between me and my bestfriends who want to be lawyers and engineers, and if I, a male, was to follow the same career steps would get paid more just because I have my genital sticking out between my legs.

I want to educate girls, not because of the saying, “when you educate a girl, you educate a household.” First od all she is not there to educate a household. I want EVERY single girl to get an education because they are JUST are worthful as their male peers.

I am a feminist because if I am too young at the age of 13 to marry a woman who is 32 or older then my female friend who is my age is too young to marry a man who could be her father–grandfather in certain cases.

I want to see women take positions of power because when a woman has power EVERYONE is included, and no one’s health decisions are made for them!

I will take a stand with my female friends in solidairty because if I don’t support women’s rights which are human’s rights then I will have to live with the heartache of watching my daughter and bestfriends waste their lives being someone’s wife. And especially if someone’s wife is not a title they carry with pride.

Let’s all take the innitiative to stand with our female friends, or for your daughter, mother, partner, or sister!


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