Running away seemed like a better option when everything else ceased to function.

It’s Okay

It’s okay if tomorrow seems darker than yesterday. It’s okay when there seem to be no promise that everything will get better. It’s okay if you seem to be weaker today than you were yesterday. Do not try to hurt yourself over the things you have no power upon. For you shall always remember, no […]

To Our Never Endings 

To our never-ending quarrels… To the deathless love we bear Tor each other, a love that will Fondly shield me from the Hate of other beings. A love that my own father Could not offer to his own Offspring. But, I’ve found in A heavenly heart of another soul. Dearly, beloved, thou shall always Deep in […]

My Four Seasons

You are my four seasons all in one. You blossom the petals of my heart like the petals of peonies in the spring. You make my days shine and joyful like a day in summer. Just like the leaves fall in the fall you make my tears fall all while I’m falling for you. You […]

The Way We Used To Be

I remember the lavender scent on your laundry and the taste of your chapstick on my lips. I was your moon and starts over the valleys of the ones and only. My heart was your fireplace in the cold Alaskan winter. For the way we used to be. You used to be my rock. You […]

The Power of Men

When a man has power, he will hurt. When a man has power, he will break. When a man has power, he will dictate. When a man has power, he will use it for selfish reasons. When a man has power, he will render worthless, be it those who loves him or not. But when […]