Letter To My Stepmom For Mother’s Day

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

I do not know if, nor do I think I will ever get to say this to you enough.

Now I know you should be thanked every single day when the sun rises, and not only on this very special holiday. Because today is the day acknowledged as the official Mother’s Day, I will spur on the occasion to reciprocate the love and affection you’ve showered me with from the day you came into my life.

A mother is not only a woman who gives birth to a child. Sometimes the best mothers aren’t the best ones–I love my birth mom to death–pun intended. A woman who has been able to give love in every single way and corner of her life to another woman’s child sometimes makes the perfect mother, which in my case I was blessed with both. Thus I will seize this moment to say thank you, thank you, and thank you endless times.

            Thank you for not only playing the role of the best step-mother in the entire universe but also of a best friend, the best confidante one could ever wish for.

            Thank you for being a great life mentor.

            Thank you for not only being there as a loving, and caring mother but also you should be acquired the award of best dad as well.

            Thank you for getting mad at me when I was in the wrong.

            Thank you for giving me love a mother can give to her own son.

            Loving a kid you gave birth to is a natural maternal love, but loving a stepson as much as you love your own is a special talent of yours that was shared with me in the most frabjous way possible.

Thank you for trusting me, and not only seeing me as ‘my husband’s son,’ but also as your own son.

Blood might be thicker than water; however, without water blood alone isn’t enough, and for me, I’d chose water over, and over, and over again, for you are the water.

And by the grace of God, you came into my life, and rooms that were dark suddenly lightened up with the glorious lights of your pure, loving heart.

By the grace of God, you’ve fixed bullet holes that no Band-Aid was able to fix.

By the grace of God, your love blooms beautifully, and stronger every day.

Thus for all of this, I say thank you for being a mother, thank you for being a friend, thank you for being there.

I love you dearly.

Happy Mother’s Day 2015!

To Our Never Endings 

To our never-ending quarrels…

To the deathless love we bear

Tor each other, a love that will

Fondly shield me from the

Hate of other beings.

A love that my own father

Could not offer to his own

Offspring. But, I’ve found in

A heavenly heart of another soul.

Dearly, beloved, thou shall always

Deep in mind and never forget the

Fondness I carry for thee is endless.

My Four Seasons

You are my four seasons all in one.

You blossom the petals of my heart like the petals of peonies in the spring.

You make my days shine and joyful like a day in summer.

Just like the leaves fall in the fall you make my tears fall all while I’m falling for you.

You filled my heart with blue emotions like the deep inside like the middle of frozen a lake in winter.

Like a snowflake, you fell delightfully into my life.

It was magical; perhaps you are a gift from the clouds; who knows?

But most importantly you are also my fireplace, you warm my heart like nobody else by your side I was immune to every kind of pain there could possibly be.

The Way We Used To Be

I remember the lavender scent on your laundry and the taste of your chapstick on my lips.

I was your moon and starts over the valleys of the ones and only.

My heart was your fireplace in the cold Alaskan winter.

For the way we used to be.

You used to be my rock.

You used to be my bridge.

For you were my sunrise and sunset.

Tell me that fern I left as a sign of our love hasn’t withered from all the heat I left behind.

Promise me the soft heavenly cotton-like love we once laid our heads on hasn’t worn you out.

For we used to be perfect lovers in a perfectly imperfect word but the love was imperfectly perfect in its ways.

For I loved you for the better and worst.

We used to be raindrops from the clouds up above watering the garden of love that we called home.

We used to be two apples on a tree, but my stem gave up on holding on so you could stay.

We used to be rose petals along with your many lovers, yet my petal was the one to fall and watch you hold others.

When we made love under the shining sky full of stars you promised as long as the stars will be shinning I will always be your lover.

However there you disappeared when the first rays of the sun shone upon us and you took the starts with you.

And you took along your love and promises.

Hence that’s the way we used to be.

The Power of Men

When a man has power, he will hurt.

When a man has power, he will break.

When a man has power, he will dictate.

When a man has power, he will use it for selfish reasons.

When a man has power, he will render worthless, be it those who loves him or not.

But when a woman has power, she will love better, harder, and stronger.

When a woman has power, she will mend every broken piece of you.

When a woman has power, she will set for triumph.

When a woman has power, she will build a home to shelter her loved ones.

She will put under her prayers the life of what is hers.

When a woman has power, she makes you powerful.

And that is why our Lord has given the best kind of super power to women that is, to grow life in them.

In Him we shall always trust, for if He gave the man that power there would be no hope, nor would there be sympathy for the neighbor.

There would be nothing to build for the days to come.

Humanity would be a bunch of human beings filled with rocks behind their ribs instead of hearts.

A Breakup


Image by Pexels via Pixabay

I was dating someone–dating doesn’t particularly mean you’re sleeping with the person, or you’re in a  committed relationship, to me, it merely means you’re getting to know each other–for a month and eight days. I won’t name names, but let’s call this particular person X. Everything was going quite all right until I started feeling insecure, and having horrible flashbacks about a traumatic event from my childhood. Thus, I was sad, and my past was hunting me right when I was trying to be happy. I have always had very low self-esteem–more emotional than physical–, and I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough for this person and it was bothering me and killing me on the inside. X asked plenty of time what was wrong because my lack of presence was very much apparent, and I told them I wasn’t ready to talk about it because it is a very delicate subject to me and I got back an “okay it’s alright” as a response.

So two days later when I decided to talk about what was going on, I never saw X, and I said to myself, “okay it’s fine I will tell them tomorrow.” Tomorrow came, and I woke up to a text message saying, “I think it’s best if we just stay friends.” I asked if I did something wrong and I was told, no; however, I was adding them a lot of stress—before anything I’m the kind of person who doesn’t take text messages seriously especially if the subject is delicate and important. I tried explaining my story and why I was depressed and how insecure I was about certain things, and the fact that I have very low self-esteem was playing a massive part in the situation. They said they understood, but they’d rather be friends than continue dating. There it was what I was fearing was turning into reality. I tried not letting my past hunt me, but it was stronger than me. I shared things about me that I’ve never told a lot of my friends, it still did not help. My biggest question was, how do you say you care and understand but always act otherwise?

For almost three weeks I locked myself up in my room blaming myself for ruining something that was going so perfectly well, until the day I came across a video of Eartha Kitt talking about relationships (find the video below). That’s when I came to realize that I was not in the wrong, that it was not wrong of me to want to give my best when I felt like I was not good enough. I learned that I shouldn’t be blaming myself for having a dark past. I shouldn’t be blaming myself for not being ready to tell all the ugly sides of my life to someone whom I started seeing about a month. Sometimes you’re not wrong. When people don’t want something they will find and use every reason they can find to get out of it—and if in the process they can blame you for it so they feel good about themselves—trust and believe they will.

And that person you are so into now and feel like they are the one, they aren’t. If they were the one, they wouldn’t leave over pathetic reasons. I know sometimes we all start thinking, “but they will find someone better.” And that’s the biggest fear a lot of people have when they go through a breakup. Unfortunately, yes, they will find someone better than you, there is always going to be someone better than anyone. Damn, you could see even better than them a thousand times, and also if they find better; that better person will never be you no matter how amazing they are. They will never be able to bring what you could have brought on the table. So dust yourself and smile again. Right now you might be thinking there is no one out there for you, but there’s always someone out there. Even if there isn’t—you have you, you are there for you. What’s more amazing than that?

Modern Relationships


Image by Tero via Pixabay

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, not even mentioning the many other social networks. Relationships these days are not like they used to be back in the days; that’s why I think of them as ‘modern days relationships’ everything nowadays is so modernized. What happened to friends going to parks and enjoying a good day outdoors? What happened to lovers going on picnic dates and doing thousands of other productive things other than sitting at home to watch Netflix and “chill”? If they don’t like the selfie, you posted on Instagram they consider ‘not real friends.’ Since when did we let social media define the status of our relationships or the love from our closed ones toward us?

A lot of people are so shallow nowadays to the point where even friendships come with terms and conditions. Since when did friends had to look as beautiful as that model in the Vogue fashion catalog? Since when did friends had to be perfect? I thought the whole point of having friends was getting involved with different types of people and looking at their beauty from the inside, not the outside. And that’s why a lot of people are alone in their houses and humanity is slowly dying. Humans are living, but the sense of humanity in them is dying because they want friends but friends that have to be their ‘type.’ How is your friendship real when you’ve befriended someone for their looks? I haven’t lived long enough, but I know for a fact that friendships are supposed to happen because two people can connect genuinely.

Love is a word used so much in our generation that it has lost its power. A lot of people look for love but only want the sweet and fun part of it without even remembering that love is something that comes with no condition. When you tell someone you love them; you’re practically saying you accept them with their pros and cons, you accept them with their beauty and flaws. These days you see people breaking up over little things that makes no sense at all.

When you are in a relationship with someone you have to accept them as they come when you are looking for love you have to admit the ugly parts just as much as you take the beautiful part of it. You will dump every person you’re going to date, but before you know, you will find yourself alone and wondering what you did wrong, while the truth is you just weren’t strong enough to keep people for long because of that one little misunderstanding.

New Blogger


Image by Becca Clark via Pixabay

Hello. I’m a new blogger, I have never done this before, this will be a whole new world for me. I’m a young writer, and through this blog, I will be posting about the subjects that are close to my heart, or whatever the odds of life direct my way. While I am majoring in English and International Relations, I also have other fields of academics that interest me such as women and gender studies, sociology, and certain areas of psychology to name a few.

I have an interest in fiction as well; hopefully, I will be posting a couple of short stories on here as well. I have a couple of works and ideas written down not sure when I will take the time and courage to work on them. Hopefully one day.

I hope my posts will inspire people and motivate them to love and treat people with kindness, as well as have a sense of understanding and compassion for each other. I believe love is possible when we have the skill to sympathize with those whom experiences we might never go through, for if we took the time to listen and comprehend one another, the world would be less cruel.

Thank you guys for even taking the time to read this, and I welcome you to embark on this journey with me.

Xoxo A!